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Our mission is to fully satisfy the specific needs of each customer, creating long-lasting and positive working relationships through our prime equipment and supplies. We are confident in our abilities for superior customer service and a first-rate product. Windy City Toners staff members are dedicated and motivated to the mission, listening carefully along each step of the rebuilding, refurbishing and servicing processes.

                     OUR GREEN INITIATIVE

We promote an environmentally-conscious mentality at Windy City Toners. In order to advocate for more sustainable surroundings, we take used equipment and transform it into a top-of-the-line piece of machinery with our in-house technicians. We believe in rebuilding machines in order to give them a second life, continuing to provide professional copier services across the globe.


Besides our first-rate and professional-grade equipment, our high-quality service department and team of technicians ensure that every item leaving our hands is at its best. Windy City Toners utilizes an extensive checklist, certifying only the most pristine quality for our valued customers. The detailed service and affordable price combine to create our mission of fully-satisfying each client’s individualized desires and needs.